The goals for the Giving Everyday Charitable Trust are long-range and ambitious. We are trying our best to affect lasting and positive changes to the state of dialogue and unity in the United States, so the results will be ambitious and far-reaching. We can judge our impact by our growth in viewership, membership and community engagement, and at this relatively early state we are very enthused with how things are going. Please join our quest and help the effort in any way you can.

In July 2023, our social media accounts achieved 40,000,000 impressions!

We’re so proud that actors John Krasinski and Jennifer Garner have shared our posts!

Our community of followers has been growing by the thousands every month!

There is much excitement around our planned Annual Kindness Awards – folks were so nice to each other this year!

Our fabulous logo, graciously donated by acclaimed graphic designer Amy Yules has been getting kudos by the dozen!

Soon you’ll be able to subscribe to our Instagram account to receive bonus content and other exciting benefits.


We think we’re onto something with Giving Everyday. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Below are a few comments from members of our community, reacting to our Instagram and Facebook posts.

I had thought people didn’t care about others anymore, but after seeing the selflessness and care people have for helping one another – some of them total strangers – has gladdened my heart so much since this virus started. Americans are amazing!” – Melicia H.

“This is how our country should be. This is the way we all should live every day. Respect. Hope. Kindness to each other. And forgiveness.” – Linda K.

“Finding your page has helped my anxiety during this crisis.” – Leanne T.

Thank you! We need more of these stories!! – Jane B.

This is what social media needs, these stories always make my eyes sweat!” – Sammy W.

“Beautiful brought such excitement to me during these hard times…” – Vivian H.

Damn…Faith in humanity restored!” – Mike L.

This is what social media needs, these stories always make my eyes sweat!” – Jakob K.

“The only way we are going to make it out of any of our problems is to work together. May kindness be contagious.” – Shannon S.

“Makes me cry because this is so awesome what people do for each other during this hard time.” – Rae Marie M.

“God bless you for your service to help people that need some uplifting & God bless the United States of America and her great people” – Ray M.

“I just wanted to say…I am so glad a video from your page popped up. I love every single thing. I am truly enjoying my scrolling and trying not to share everything.” – Nonnie V.

“There are amazing people in this world. Unsung heroes. We need to hear more stories like this.” – Bob N.