Everything we do is focused on promoting our mandate of encouraging all Americans to perform at least one act of kindness each and everyday – so that such behavior gets infectious (in a good way!) and helps to smooth out the rough edges we’ve seen permeating our homeland recently.

We encourage you to leave your personal mark on these programs and make them your own. Here are some ways you can do your part:

Social Media

Our Facebook and Instagram pages have been gaining in popularity – our posts have reached nearly 40 million users in July 2023! We publicize and recognize exemplary acts of kindness and charity that we see reported on in the media and across social media, and we are very eager to bolster that coverage through reports submitted by our own members and supporters. Follow along, share posts that move you or make you smile with your friends and family, and let us know if you’ve seen something you think we should share!

In early 2023 we launched a YouTube channel where we report on especially newsworthy acts of kindness.

The Giving Army

A member of the Giving Army is another way to describe a Giving Everyday volunteer/member who is an activist and a giver. Giving Army recruits take the Kindness Pledge and promote the organization with like-minded friends and relatives. They alert us to great acts of giving they have seen, and freely give us – and their fellow members – good ideas for kindnesses we can all manage to do in our everyday lives. (To Be Launched in 2024)

Annual Giving Awards

Another essential program we plan on launching in 2024 is our Annual Giving Awards, where we will recognize the most exemplary acts of giving we have seen over the year – on both a regional and national basis. Wouldn’t it be incredible if people start competing with each other to perform good deeds? We know that before we reach that point, our social media and publicity activities have to be ramped up and able to reach as many of our fellow Americans as possible. With your help, we can reach that goal and honor those who have gone above and beyond in their acts of service to others.

The Wire Service of Kindness

The news media is hungering for some nice news to report on. They’ve come to realize that constantly barraging us with bad headlines and stories is depressing for their audience and certainly not in the national interest. We hope to offer an alternative to the negativity by offering news story ideas of acts of kindness and charity to local, regional and national news organizations. It would be absolutely amazing for some of our reports to go viral, as it really fulfills our mandate, and “amps up” our means of influencing American society. Help make this happen in 2024!