The Giving Every Day Charitable Trust was established to strengthen American unity by encouraging and promoting the performance of daily acts of kindness and charity.

The Urgency of Our Mission

Giving Everyday, which is non-sectarian and apolitical and recognized by the IRS as a 501-c-3 tax deductible organization (EIN 85-0900686), sees selfless behavior as a means of improving the atmosphere of civil discourse in America, at a time where political and racial discord threatens to unravel the very bonds of our union. Additionally, the ravages of Covid-19 and other natural disasters have demonstrated the existential need to spread positive and inspiring news, to counter the incessant negative coverage that threatens to deteriorate the resilient spirit of America.

The bottomless reservoirs of hope and inspiring acts of random kindness that we have seen permeate the country this year as proof that we can emerge from these crises as a stronger and more united people.

Charity and Selflessness

We define charity and selflessness as either the donation of funds, the giving of one’s time to benefit others, and even simple but far reaching words of encouragement and empathy.