You have the power to strengthen America through kindness.

Atten…Hut! America desperately needs your help to heal the rifts in our society caused by the ravages of Covid-19, economic turmoil, political and racial divisiveness, and the deterioration of civil discourse.

Join the Army

To do your part as a concerned citizen, join the Giving Army – the troops of kindness deployed by the Giving Everyday Charitable Trust.

By joining together, we hope to create a tidal wave of goodness that will begin to repair the cracks that have appeared in our nation’s foundation.

Obligations of Your Enlistment

  1. Take the Kindness Pledge – where you will make your best effort to perform one act of kindness or charity a day. This can be as monumental as making a monetary or time donation to a worthy cause, or as easy (but deeply significant) as saying “hello” to a stranger, or helping someone across the street.
  2. Let Giving Everyday know of any commendable acts of kindness you see in media news coverage (send us a website link please) or something you have seen first-hand, with a photo or video.
  3. Let your personal network know of your enlistment, so they may be inspired to join the effort as well.
  4. Let us know of the interesting ways you’ve been kind, so your fellow troops can be inspired, and even sensitized to aspects of our normal days that can be enhanced with kind acts.

Benefits of Your Deployment

  1. Use of a special logo badge that you can use in your email signature area – letting your personal network know of your commitment to American unity.
  2. Access to the Giving Army Store, for branded items like t-shirts and hats.
  3. Use of special photos for you to post on social media, announcing your enlistment.

Enlist in the Giving Army

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Take the Pledge
By checking yes, I commit to the Kindness Pledge - where I will do my best to perform one act of kindness or charity a day, thereby doing my part to strengthen unity among my fellow Americans.